2023 Dinosaurs Will Die Perry Snowboard - 153

2023 Dinosaurs Will Die Perry Snowboard - 153 

For those boards trying to keep up with the Jones(es), but have hit a Wall in their progression, it’s time to step into a class at Dino U. Professor Fredrik Perry, *certified ‘G’-nyus, who’s pored over videos and magazines for countless hours in search of the ingredients for “perfect style” has concluded that the board plays a crucial role; the least amount of struggle on your board allows you to express your style freely and easily. The Perry board makes this possible by incorporating AM camber on top of a SINtered base with a mid-wide waist. Cure your park and jibbing woes… strap into the Perry.

AM camber
Biaxial glass
SINtered base
Single radius sidecut
Flex = 6


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