The Burton Blunt has been around for a while but has evolved over the years. It’s a pretty decent entry level good conditions ride for the aspiring freestyle rider but it’s not ideal if you ride in medium to hard snow. Other than a few tweaks not much has changed for the 2017 Burton Blunt over the 2016 and the Flying V camber profile (hybrid rocker) is much more preferred over the old Flat Top (flat to rocker).

2016-2017 Burton Blunt Snowboard Review

So the 2016 and 2017 Burton Blunt changed up the camber profile which changed the personality of the ride. It went from Flat Top (flat to rocker) to Flying V (hybrid rocker).

Approximate Weight: Feels fine and normal.

On Snow Feel: So the stable feel underfoot isn’t the same any more and it’s a little more loose. In soft snow it’s stable enough but in harder snow it’s not as stable and wants to spin on you when you flat base or one foot off the chair.  Despite that you get a more poppy ride that Burton’s hybrid rocker provides. It’s more fun to jump, butter and carve with now.

Powder:  It’s a twin so it’s not great for directional powder riding but it’s not difficult to ride powder with a centered stance.

Turn Initiation and Carving: So the turn initiation is much more lively and fun now that there is some camber in the tip/tail. Flat Top is pretty boring when turning as there is no spring. It turns easy like before but now if you want to lay into a harder carving turn it’s a little more doable. It’s still not like Burton Camber boards but it’s got more fun than before while also being fun/easy to butter and forgiving.

Speed: Nothing to write home about but it’s more of a park oriented board.  Still it can handle the mountain if you don’t expect to go out and make high speed carving turns.

Uneven Terrain: Great in perfect snow to messy end of the day snow.

Edge Hold: The Frost Bite edge hold tech doesn’t really add much to the grip of the ride and it’s not ideal when the snow starts to firm up. The edge can easily slip out from underneath you if you hit a hard patch. Would love to see more edge hold because it’s pretty critical to have confidence inspiring grip when learning to ride.  Especially when conditions get a bit hard.

Flex: The flex is similar to flat top but it’s got much more play in it from tip to tail now that it’s got Flying V tech.  Super fun to butter/press and it has a much more fun/snappy return out of the tip and tail so it’s a nice improvement.

Switch: It’s a twin so pretty much perfect either way.  The only shape better is an asymmetrical twin.

Jibbing: Not a bad jibber.

Pipe: There isn’t enough edge hold and stability for an icy pipe but it’s not bad if it’s soft to slushy.

Jumps: The camber profile changed up the pop and made it much better to ollie and hit kickers than the old flat top ride.

So overall this is a fun good condition park twin at a reasonable price. If it had a little more edge hold it would be a fun all conditions ride.


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